Panascout Gallery

We've been trying out the Panavision PANASCOUT app to capture locations in widescreen 2.40 (anamorphic) and other aspect ratios (including 16 x 9). It has some nice features. Location managers and production staff can see exactly how the scene appears in 35-60 mm focal lengths. A mapping function identifies the location where the photo was taken, and an overlay includes metadata such as date/time, focal length, aspect ratio, direction, notes, and file name. I have some quibbles. Moving between menu items isn't always intuitive and it would be nice to be able to detach the image from the overlay frame. On the plus side: I can easily move the pics to my Dropbox account. Overall a handy niche tool next time Marvel calls in advance of Wonder Woman's Tucson Vacation! Here are a few examples:

1492129128_Panascout 18-1.jpg

Example 1

This raptor-like dino at the Tucson Botanical Garden is auditioning for the next Jurassic Park installment--or just trying to get Chris Pratt's autograph.

Silverbell Lakes 1.jpg

Example 2

A lush lake on Tucson's west side that could serve nicely as a backdrop for Ford's bass-ready F-350. The crystal-blue waters have not been Photoshopped--that's what it looks like on a sunny day.

1145 N Park 2.jpg

Example 3

The Panascout app excels at capturing locations that lend themselves to widescreen presentations. This multi-colored rock wall and matching house brighten the North University neighborhood of Tucson.