The Wraith Wants You to Donate $5 to these Tucson Filmmakers

It's 2-for-1 day. First, a plug for Mobile Instinct's great YouTube guide to filming locations for The Wraith, filmed in and around Tucson and released in 1986. The video hit YouTube just this last March, about the same time I caught up with the movie on Netflix. The Wraith has a devoted following. It's got a Dodge Turbo Interceptor, a pre-everything Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn on a pool float, Ozzy on the soundtrack, and some truly impressive car explosions. Watch it and learn. In honor of The Wraith, here's how you can crowd-support more cult-to-be Tucson filmmaking: Director Josue Vasquez is slated to begin filming the paranormal Shadows in the Sky this summer and could use a few bucks. Shadows has a $10,000 budget and every little bit helps. For $350 you get to call yourself an Executive Producer, but they'll take $5 too. The Wraith would approve.